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The Collection Series
(Available in VHS only)

(Double Albums)
collection_series.jpg (8486 bytes) These albums as shown below are designed to accommodate two full size VHS video tapes. Available are four wedding designs in both Our Wedding Day and Our Children's Wedding and both Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah.
Our Wedding Day Our Children's Wedding
a1.jpg (4551 bytes) a2.jpg (4600 bytes) Style AA

The same as style A in double width.
b1.jpg (4504 bytes) b2.jpg (4601 bytes) Style BB

The same as style B in double width.
c1.jpg (5131 bytes) c2.jpg (5217 bytes) Style CC

The same as style C in double width.
j1.jpg (4817 bytes) j2.jpg (4967 bytes) Style JJ

The same as style J in double width.
My Bar Mitzvah My Bat Mitzvah
rel1.jpg (4367 bytes) rel2.jpg (4124 bytes) Bar Mitzvah
Bat Mitzvah
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